Date: 15 September 2016

“Indivipro is a large international wholesaler and supplier of Nature Deco and Lutron and has its very own curtain studio.

A number of our exclusive fabrics have been designed by famous designers, including Marcel Wolterinck and Francois Hannes.

For the vast majority of our curtain collection, we collaborate with a renowned Italian weaving company that almost exclusively serves the higher market segment. For example, they also work for brands such as Missoni and Armani.

Natura Deco consists of a versatile collection of blinds and shades, manufactured under high-quality requirements and made out of natural materials with many different applications.
The Asian beauty of bamboo is combined with a Western elegance.

New to the collection are blinds with Elitis wallpaper, which we also presented at the LXRY fair in the Amsterdam Rai last December.
Give your blinds a new look by decorating them with rye or crocodile skin vinyl wallpaper.