Zonnelux Window Decorations

“At ETC we present a wide range of custom-made window decorations. We advise you on the various possibilities and see what products best suits your interior or project.”

Zonnelux Window Decorations (founded in 1974) is an organisation active nationally and internationally in the field of high-quality window decorations.

“We are one of the major providers of custom-made window decorations in the Netherlands. The collections offer decorative and functional window coverings in hundreds of colours, dozens of materials and designs. We only use high-quality fabrics and materials that are in line with the latest interior trends.”

Our range

All Zonnelux products are tailor-made and are therefore unique. Thanks to production in our own factories in Eastern Europe, a high quality level is always guaranteed. Moreover, the lines and delivery times are short and Zonnelux offers its products at extremely competitive prices. Zonnelux’ range consists of:

  • Aluminium blinds
  • Duette®
  • Duo roller blinds
  • Insect screens
  • Wooden blinds
  • Slats
  • Panel curtains
  • Perfect Fit systemen (Perfect Tape & Perfect Click)
  • Plisses
  • Roller curtains
  • Sheerlight
  • Shutters
  • Folding curtains
  • Woven Wood

Piet Boon® by Zonnelux

Shutters provide wonderful lighting and privacy. In collaboration with Piet Boon®, Zonnelux launches a stylish collection of wooden shutters with matching wooden blinds, under the name Piet Boon® by Zonnelux. In this Piet Boon® design, the unique sophistication and dimensions are immediately apparent. For example, the slats are not bevelled and all edges and chamfers are kept to a minimum. The mechanism is virtually invisible and the dimensions are in balance. The shutters are available in two slat widths: 54mm and 81mm, in eight different colours, with the option of matching wooden blinds. Both functional and stylish, the wooden shutter panels are an added value in any room.

Photography Piet Boon® shutters by Zonnelux: Stefan Ammerlaan