“The Art of Nature”

Xyleia Natural Interiors specializes in exclusive furniture made from natural materials, such as wood and petrified wood.

The furniture is imported by Xyleia itself from different countries in Asia. The emphasis is on quality and service. Each piece is personally selected by owner Jan Jaap Lems. Every table, every stool, every piece of furniture is unique, and of great beauty.

The petrified wood is used inter alia as side tables, coffee tables, sculptures, plates and bowls, floor and wall tiles, washing bowls and all kinds of decorative purposes.

Of the wood (mostly albizia saman) that Xyleia imports, tree trunks (up to 6.5 meters) are made, as well as coffee tables, stools, benches and mirrors, for example.

Xyleia Natural Interiors also imports a beautiful collection of lamps from Thailand, made from natural materials, and finally you can go to Xyleia for antique Indian cabinets and other beautiful unique products.

In addition to the stand in the ETC, Xyleia has a showroom of 2300 m2 in Overijssel’s Heeten.