World of Some

“Art tells a lot about the owner and is the finishing touch of an interior”

The World of Some paper collage artworks approach human forms, objects, and landscapes in a unique way. The creative couple behind the artworks is Sophy & Marc.
Sophy is an interior designer and Marc is a graphic designer. Their two talents are inextricably linked. They use this to create absurd and intriguing paper collage art.

By using cut and torn pieces of images from glossy magazines, posters and photos, and digital ‘beautifying’, collages with different layers are created.
The artists entice the viewer to discover things in their creations again and again: every time you look you see something new.
The limited paper collage artworks tell their own story, in which absurdism and exaggeration are central.

Sophy and Marc describe their style as “Perfect Imperfection”. In addition to their collection and exclusive custom-made artworks for private individuals, the creative duo also thinks and creates on request and in concept form for hotels, restaurants, and other companies.