Villa Vogelswerf

“Forget the rules - Just be inspired”

My love for natural materials and craftsmanship has grown over my many years in the industry. Brought together at Villa Vogelswerf, this represents a fascinating melting pot of exceptional pieces for your interior.

In the setting of the ETC Design Center, you will find a selection inspired by international lifestyles. A presentation of natural materials and textures complemented by a varying range of unique elements. Carefully selected with a love for craftsmanship and authentic, natural materials.

Estetik Decor Luxury Lifestyle
The common thread in Villa Vogelswerf’s presentation is the lifestyle collection of Estetik Decor from Istanbul. It has its own look and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Specialising in crafting ‘real’ leather and fur combined with decorative patterns. This sets Estetik Decor’s collection apart.

Tailor-made solutions
Items are tailor-made in our own workshop. With an extensive palette of materials, textures, colours and patterns to choose from, the results are surprising. A personal selection or entirely your own design makes the result one-of-a-kind. Take a look at the sample presentation, always inspiring!

Moon Palace Timeless Accessories
Timeless accessories from Moon Palace’s collection from Belgium provide the finishing touch. Natural materials such as horn, bone and mother-of-pearl are processed with craftsmanship and dedication into photo-art frames, boxes and decorative objects. The natural pattern of the material lends character, and the finish is executed to perfection with a high-quality finish.

Partner presentations
In addition to these permanent collections, Villa Vogelswerf incorporates temporary partner presentations into a changing line-up. Craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the use of natural materials in unusual combinations.

Forget the rules – just be inspired
Excitement is brought into the interior with a non-obvious choice, a mix of textures, a personal touch and the addition of an unexpected element. That doesn’t always make it easy, but that’s where the challenge lies for the interior design professional. Discover that natural materials blend easily and match surprisingly well with any colour palette, therefore…..

forget the rules ⫷⫸ just be inspired

Curious? I am happy to tell you more about it and look forward to your visit!
Joke van de Ree