Villa Vogelswerf

“Forget the rules - Just be inspired”

Allow me to introduce myself
My love for natural and unique materials has grown during the many years I have worked in the industry. Brought together in Villa Vogelswerf, this represents a fascinating melting pot with exceptional pieces for the interior.

Since 2018, Villa Vogelswerf has represented the interior collection of Estetik Decor Istanbul and the accessories of Moon Palace Antwerp. I am happy to present these collections at the ETC Design Centre, the inspiration centre for interior design.

Both collections have a unique look and together form a source of inspiration. With an unconventional choice, a mix of textures, a personal touch, and unexpected elements, a unique style is created. That does not always make it easy, but therein lies the challenge for the interior professional.

Villa Vogelswerf is also an ambassador of the Private Design Collection; special light fixtures made with selenite. This natural crystal has a beautiful light transmission and makes each piece unique. The Dutch studio also offers custom solutions with modern control techniques.

The presentation has been carefully selected with a love for craftsmanship and authentic natural materials.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Joke van de Ree

Estetik Decor Istanbul
Estetik Decor is a lifestyle brand based in Istanbul and specialised in special leatherwork for all interior needs. This expertise allows for distinctive looks and fascinating textures to be designed. The rich cultural diversity is an inexhaustible source and nourishes the philosophy that inspires Estetik to create the elements of your dreams.

Various concept styles are on offer for all your interior wishes. Whether it’s a coffee table or a mirror, a sofa or lighting, a wall panel or a dressing table; each piece is designed with care and attention. Make use of unique materials and combine extensive options. Or go for a custom solution. There is also more to discover, such as the PLUM collection with round shapes and vibrant colours.

Designers and craftsmen dedicated to making timeless signature pieces that have soul
Admire natural beauty, discover fascinating textures and craftsmanship

Moon Palace Antwerp
The handmade picture frames with horn from the Moon Palace collection are highly sought after. Horn is a delicate material and processing it requires dedicated craftsmanship. The finish is of high quality and refined with bone and mother-of-pearl inlay. These natural materials, each with its own pattern, make each piece unique.

The Moon Palace collection also includes a selection of objects such as lamp bases, mirrors, and showpieces.

Timeless signature pieces to embrace your precious moments
The handmade frames embrace beautiful moments

Private Design Collection Netherlands
The lighting from the Private Design Collection was introduced in mid-2022 and is currently in development. As an eye-catcher, the Crystal Mirror is a success! And Bouquette, a table and floor model, have also been well-received.

Selenite is used in this lighting; a natural crystal with special light transmission. Each element has its own appearance, and the combination with modern control technology makes it a contemporary lighting object. Fixtures, including the lighting technology, are assembled in our own studio.

Many properties are attributed to selenite
The most appealing of which is the radiance of positive energy.