Van Sand

“Experience is becoming more and more important.”

How did you start as an agency?

Sander Sprengers: “After completing my education, I immediately started working in the interior design sector. I always wanted to start my own business and seven years ago I was given that opportunity. I founded this company. Our specialisation is paint and wallpaper. Little Greene produces all its paint in its own factory in Wales, always guaranteeing the highest quality. Digital wallpaper is similar to a booklet or poster, only in a larger format.
We collaborate with a printer who takes care of all that for us. So if a customer comes to us with an idea, we can realise it in any size.”

What are the benefits of digital wallpaper compared to traditional wallpaper?

“With digital wallpaper you have more options. Traditional wallpaper is produced in a wallpaper factory. You have a large roll of wallpaper that sits on a paint belt. Traditionally, a roll of wallpaper has a length of 10 metres, creating a relatively higher degree of waste. With digital wallpaper, we can make it as wide and high as desired. Moreover, we supply the exact size, so you have no waste.”

Is digital wallpaper more sustainable compared to traditional wallpaper?

“Definitely, because there’s hardly any waste. Both the wallpaper and printing ink we use are 100% environmentally friendly.”

What does the future of the interior design profession look like?

“Online sales will increase. People who aren’t active online yet should definitely invest in this. It may take a while, but I already see my daughters having a great online presence. It’s definitely the future. In addition, the so-called experience stores are becoming more and more important. You already see it in the fashion world; there are certain shops you definitely want to visit in order to get an impression of a full collection, presented in a unique way. Our customers are doing the same; they want to turn their stores into complete experiences. Retailers are sometimes too reserved. Even though they have an increasing online presence, they must continue to invest. Retailers are sometimes too focused on the short term, whereas I believe you should always invest in your appearance towards the customer. This should be top-notch.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“The market is changing, there are quite a few stores that are closing. More and more stylists and architects and their customers are looking for new designs. They don’t have a showroom, so they take advantage of ETC Design Center Europe. I started Little Greene seven years ago. At the time, it was a paint brand that was completely unknown throughout the Netherlands, so I had to build something. ETC Design Center Europe is an excellent showroom where you can present your goods and invite customers over. This is the only fair in the Netherlands focusing on our specific market segment. ETC Design Center Europe also has a great atmosphere. On Mondays, we have a lot of retailers, architects and stylists in our showroom.”

Never visited our showroom? You are cordially invited and we are happy to tell you everything about our beautiful collections.