“U N I F I T : Your interior in the right light”

For 25 years, Unifit has been the partner when it comes to high-end lighting projects. We like to be challenged by our environment and therefore work not only in homes and offices but also in monuments, museums, and even yachts.
We are inspired by nature and like to work with natural materials such as wood. At the same time, we keep up with the most modern techniques, such as OLED. When these are combined with our knowledge of lighting architecture and smart lighting, a luxurious and relaxed result is created that fits seamlessly with the architecture, the atmosphere, and the needs of the users of the space.
At the ETC we show the following brands:

Tunto is a unique Finnish brand that supplies handmade fixtures, made of warm wood, which is sometimes especially stylish, and sometimes brings a touch of humor.

Baltensweiler makes design lamps from steel in the best Swiss artisan tradition. Because parts are connected by magnets, they are flexible, elegant, and robust at the same time. A Baltensweiler lamp is a statement in the room, and at the same time very functional.

Buschfeld lighting systems make it possible to apply exactly the right lighting in every room. The stylish rails, supplied in many shapes and colors, support the architecture. That is why this system is used by museums, among others. The technology of this Sense System makes smart lighting control simple: individual control, in groups or in scenes is all supported.

Meljac is our supplier of handmade switching materials. By choosing high-quality materials, the Meljac elements support the luxurious appearance of a house, a hotel, or even a yacht.

For all our products, you only really understand them when you see them for yourself. We therefore cordially invite you to visit our stand!