Umo Art & Design

“Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us”

Umo Art Design

Art moves. It can move you intensely, often in a split second. Meet yourself in a work of art that participates in your interior. Be it photographic art, abstract art or an art object.

Umo Art & Design’s gallery contains impressive collections, which can be customised. We are a known partner within interior design projects for hotels, restaurants and retail. Often in collaboration with dealers of well-known brands such as Edra, Cassina, Flexform and Minotti.

Customised advice

Does the print, colour or theme match the interior? You can come to Umo Art & Design for art advice. Our art professionals’ knowledge tries to reflect the identity in the client’s interior. This can be done in various ways.

You can use our free photoshop service. You supply a photo of your interior, we photoshop the art into it. Or dealers can make an appointment for the driving gallery. The art bus contains impressive collections. We can discuss the wishes at your showroom or at the client’s home, take a look and give the best art advice.

You can also visit us at the ETC Design Center Europe exhibition centre in Culemborg. Here you can view the collections and look at the high quality for yourself. Every Monday, the gallery is open for professionals. You are also welcome in Culemborg as a private individual by appointment.

View the full collection at or contact us at: