“Invisible Induction | the first worktop you can cook on”

Where does TPBtech originate from?
TPB – Top Porcelanik Barcelona: founded in 2010 by Joan Lloveras. More than 27 years of experience in the field of inventions and industrial design. His got his motto “the function determines the form” by always linking technology to design. In collaboration with the supplier of induction, they invested 5 years in developing and optimizing this invisible induction. Not only does it work flawlessly, the complete concept is CE marked. A proven concept in both the professional as well as the private sector!

What is TPBtech?
TPBtech is the first worktop that can be cooked on directly. Thanks to the invisible induction, the boundaries between worktop and cooking area become blurred, resulting in one seamless whole. Minimalist, modern and very practical.
TPBtech is a “sandwich” made up of 4 different layers. These 4 layers complement each other perfectly, and provide a scratch-resistant surface and an extremely strong and rock-hard composition. This sandwich is not only safe and flexible, but also resistant to hard impacts and high temperatures.

Each worktop is unique! In contrast to a standard worktop with induction unit, you can choose your number of cooking zones, where they are located and how far apart they should be. Design your own unique worktop in the color that best suits you and your taste. The colors for the finish range from gray to rust, but also go 1from a matte black to a marble look. This wide range of choice will have your worktop become the eye-catcher of your kitchen and cooking will never be the same again! Choose a kitchen that is more than purely functional. Transform your kitchen worktop into a decorative element.

What can our team do for you?
TPBtech Netherlands knows all the ins and outs of the worktop, and of the induction technology. Together we can create the ultimate and unique worktop for your (outdoor) kitchen or maybe even put together a beautiful cooking table!