“Tistuu explores the boundaries between Art and Design”

TISTUU is the recently launched label of Gabriëlle M. Design, the design agency that designs (total) projects and has them executed in the field of Architecture, Interior design, and Garden and Landscape architecture.

Gabriëlle Mulder, “the spider at the center of the web” of the design agency, studied Architectural design and Plastic and Monumental design at the Academy for Art and Industry in Enschede. Initially, she worked as a visual artist and made many monumental metal sculptures on commission. With her autonomous work, including quartz, metal, and aluminum objects, she has exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad. Soon, assignments in the field of Architecture and Design also came her way.

Her traditional way of working is based on the thorough training in metal and woodworking that she received as a young girl from her grandfather. She masters various welding techniques and operates metal and woodworking machines with ease. Because of her innate curiosity, old constructive building techniques, painting techniques including marbling, gilding, and patinating, Japanese woodworking, leatherworking, and casting techniques in lead, tin, and aluminum no longer hold any secrets.

“What my pencil draws, my hands can make” Tradition and innovation aligned. Sustainability and recycling. Integration of beauty, creativity, imagination, and allure thus create practical poetry.
That is why all prototypes for the TISTUU label are first made manually by Gabriëlle. In a limited edition of 20 pieces, provided with a signed certificate and serial number, the design furniture and objects are then manufactured by various Dutch craftsmen.
With Tistuu, Gabriëlle wants to tell her stories about the essence of nature, light, air, color, space, and what emotion does to people.

In addition to an exclusive collection of custom-made designer furniture, Gabriëlle also designs and creates at the behest of Architects, Stylists, and High-End interior specialists that yet-to-be-discovered item for a specific place! Let me know what you are looking for or what you have in mind.