Frezoli Lighting by Tierlantijn

“We still produce all of our lighting in our own studio.”

How was the company founded?

Michel Gelissen: “Our company was founded 20 years ago, through a hobby that grew into an international business. Still, we still produce all of our lighting in our own studio. They are hand-made, assembled and finished here.”

What items does your collection consist of?

“Our current collection is based on natural materials. It consists of a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting. Inspired by the past, we’ve been able to create lamps that not only provide good lighting but also create a nice atmosphere. We have two brands: Tierlantijn, which is characterised by a rustic, sturdy appearance. And the Frezoli line, which is characterised by its industrial appearance.”

What inspires you?

“I sometimes visits antique markets for unique objects that fascinate me. I love to technically analyse an old lamp and reuse certain parts in a new design. This allows you to create an interesting mix of old and new.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“We immediately realised that our models would be successful if people could experience them up close. As a result, we decided to present both collections at ETC Design Center Europe. Up until this day, we spend a lot of energy building our stands, all in order to make them the perfect calling card for Frezoli Lighting by Tierlantijn.”