“Those who say certain things are impossible are often overtaken by those who prove them wrong.”

How did you found your company?

Gerrit-Jan Schreurs: “I first encountered the world of tiles in 1999. I worked for someone who wanted to start a tile shop. He asked me if I want to work in sales. Over time, I was responsible for all sorts of activities, but eventually you simply grow it, and you start having different ambitions. After leaving the company I ended up at a wholesaler, where I worked on many different projects. I always wanted to start my own business, and one day I was given the opportunity to do so.”

What aspect of your work do you enjoy the most?

“I love experiencing new things. Completing projects and starting new ones. I especially love combining and applying beautiful materials.”

What tile is most precious to you?

“Castle Stones. They are hand-made replicas of stones of historic houses in France and Italy. They are made of cement, marble powder and colour pigments. Thanks to their finishing, it is difficult to distinguish them from the real antique floors.”

What materials are commonly used for the production of tiles?

“Mainly ceramics, but also glass, leather and natural stone.”

How do you collaborate with your customers?

“I make sure I can always assist my customers. The customer is of central importance to us. In order to ensure positive collaboration, we try to create mutual trust.”