TC Style

“I do my own thing, which is exciting enough for me.”

How did you found your company?

Tim Cools: “I used to be a florist. Fifteen years ago I had my very own flower shop. My previous shop was a combination of a flower and interior design shop. One day I started to develop my own objects for the store and continued to do so for four years, with great success. I later left that shop and launched TC Style. With TC Style I’ve been able to create many beautiful collections over the past four years.”

What characterises your collection?

“We have many items available, our collection is huge. All our items are based on naturalia. We purchase semi-finished products, which we then transform into our own objects. We are extremely flexible. For example, if someone likes a frame with shells in it, but prefers a pink background, we can create that for them.”

Why did you decide to create a collection based on naturalia?

“Because such objects weren’t widely available in this market. When I had my own shop I create small-scale objects, which – as I found out – there was a market for at the time. That was more or less the foundation of our current collection.”

What are the objects in your collection made of?

“Our semi-finished products come from China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. We give all of our products their own look and feel. The adjustments are made by hand in the Netherlands.”

What inspires you?

“Websites, magazines, but also a walk in the woods, for example. I want saw a tree with a beautiful flat surface, and thought “I can definitely make something out of that”. I then purchased wood and cut it into pieces and created various unique objects.”

Is there a particular person who inspires you?

“My grandfather, who worked with antiques, which made me look at older objects differently. And my parents, of course, who worked in the textile industry for a long time. They made children’s clothes and the like. They came up with their own designs and colours. My mother is extremely creative. That’s why my education background is in the creative field.”

What’s your opinion on the future of interior?

“I believe a large group of people will continue to shop offline. But I have no clear opinion on the larger picture. I simply do my own thing, which is exciting enough for me.”

Why are accessories in interiors important?

“To create warmth and an atmosphere. That requires personal objects. With the help of a stylist or interior designer you can create beautiful interiors, but he/she can never create a complete interior for you. There’s always a personal aspect. A stylist/architect can help you with your ideas, but the finishing touch should always come from yourself.”