“Beauty is in the details”

How was Sventex founded?

My name is Sven Raijmakers and I’ve always had a passion for beautiful objects. In 1996 I decided to start my own business and transform my passion into my work.
I immediately went looking for exclusive brands of both bathroom and bedroom textiles. This was the start of Sventex, now a trusted partner of many exclusive bathroom, linen, furniture and homeware speciality shops and luxury home warehouses. In recent years, interest from interior designers and stylists is also increasing.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired when I visit fairs and stores, both at home and abroad.
I’m always looking for beautiful products that have that are a little different. Products with a touch of allure, trendy or unique.
At the same time, my inspiration also comes from my excellent relationships with customers and suppliers.

What makes Sventex unique?

As an agent at this level, I’m always looking for suppliers and customers that offer something different compared to the more general product ranges.
I try to distinguish myself with customisation, service, exclusivity, reliability and honesty.
I base my range on what the customers want and not what suppliers want.

How did you end up at the ETC Design Center Europe?

I was made aware of the ETC Design Center Europe through a ‘new’ customer in Den Bosch.
At the time, I had been looking for a place to present my products for some time.

What aspects of your work do you enjoy the most?

What I like the most is the contact with customers and building relationships together. I like having freedom and developing myself.
I believe it is essential to work with beautiful objects and suppliers with a clear philosophy.