Sunshield – Unique Louvers

“Sun shading with tiltable slats - any size, any shape”

Sunshield is a leading manufacturer of louver systems; sun protection with horizontal, tiltable slats made to measure. People like to live and work with daylight and a view. Horizontal slats meet this requirement. And are particularly durable.

In summer, when the sun is high, horizontal slats block the sun’s rays. Even if these are (partially) open. You thus retain daylight and a view. And the air conditioning does not have to be on, or at least it can be turned down a notch. Which is good for your wallet and the environment.
In winter the sun is lower and it is colder. All solar heat is then welcome. This contributes to the heating of the living space and to a lower energy bill. With movable slats, you can adjust the incidence of light and the heating by sunlight to the weather conditions and your preferences at the moment. This way you can realize a comfortable living environment that is pleasant to stay in.

Windows can be rectangular. But also triangular, in the shape of a trapezoid and circular. Regardless of the shape, Sunshield offers suitable sun protection with tiltable slats for every window. This is possible thanks to ingenious technology. As a user, you only need to know how to open and close them. Or put them on any desired position in between. There is a solution for every situation. Also in any desired shape.
When you choose the color and the version, you again have plenty of options for your louver system. The first choice is; aluminum or wood? This choice largely determines the appearance and the character of the house. Regardless of your preference for aluminum or wood, you also have the choice between narrow or wide louvers. The wider the slat, the more see-through when they are open.

You can have aluminum louvers made in any desired RAL color, in matt or high-gloss. Possibly with a fine structure, a light relief. You can also opt for anodizing. Executed as ‘natural’ aluminum, or with color, polished or brushed. An almost unlimited range of colors and designs. A louver system can be perfectly matched to, for example, the window frames and roof moldings of your home.

There is also a wide selection of wood to choose from. Western Red Cedar is an excellent choice for wood slats. It has a straight grain, is lightweight, stable, and durable. Sunshield offers a variety of colors and treatments, including for wooden louvers.
You can operate a movable slat system manually or with a motor. In the latter case, this can be done with a wall switch, remote control, via home automation, or smart home apps. This works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Homey, Alexa, and many more. Just from your phone or tablet. With the addition of sensors, the systems can also function fully automatically.

The development and production take place in Raamsdonksveer, located on the A27 halfway between Gorinchem and Breda. In the Netherlands and Flanders, Sunshield takes care of the installation itself. Feel free to come and have a look in the showroom. Call or email us for an appointment. Or come to stand 204a in the ETC Design Center Europe.