Stout Lighting

“Lighting determines the atmosphere in your home.”

Where is your lighting designed and produced?

Jacqueline Stout: “We use our own production studio. We also use externally contracted manufacturers, such as a bronze caster and ceramics atelier. One of the materials we use is sand-casted bronze. We use this to produce our own models. We also create models using steel – which are also in-house productions. And finally, we also produce our own lampshades. A lampshade is a very important element of a lamp.”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your own production studio?

Sander Stout: “We started to produce our own lampshades because it allowed us to work more efficiently. For example, if lamp is one or two centimetres too small, the dimensions can already be off. It’s therefore much easier for us to produce lampshades in-house. This allows me to take a completely tailor-made approach, and customers can provide their own fabrics or choose different dimensions.”

Is craftsmanship important to you?

Hans Stout: “Definitely. It guarantees a certain degree of exclusivity. We only produce small and exclusive product series. We always have the option to change the colours or finishing. These are also highly dependent on the overall appearance of certain homes. We produce many different styles, from classic to modern.”

What are the differences between atmospheric and project lighting?

Jacqueline Stout: “Project lighting is more functional and static, whereas atmospheric lighting feels more natural and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Atmospheric lighting is all about feeling, whereas project lighting is intended to provide light for an entire project.”

Do you work with LED lighting?

Sander Stout: “The LED lighting we produce emits almost the same warmth as our halogen alternative. Compared to incandescent lighting it can be difficult to achieve this, although we now have special techniques that make it much easier.”

How do you collaborate with customers in creating lighting plans?

Hans Stout: “Customers are assisted by an architect. In other words, the architect will visit their home. An exclusive design can be tailor-made for the customer. I will then visit the architect and his/her customer and then we will design the lamp on the spot. We work in an exclusive, service-oriented fashion.”