A proud history full of passion

When the Dutchman Johannes Spek started his carpentry workshop in the Danish town of Vamdrup under the name SPEKVA, he had all sorts of ideas and dreams. But above all, he had a love for wood and real craftsmanship.
Although SPEKVA is now one of the major producers in Scandinavia, three aspects have remained unchanged: The attention to quality, true love for the carpentry profession and a sincere sense of pride. With a passion for quality and service, we aim to constantly innovate and lead.

Come and experience it for yourself!

Text and pictures on a website can tell you plenty about a product. But in order to truly experience the quality of our tables, we’d rather invite you to our showroom at ETC Design Center Europe. Here you can experience the unique SPEKVA feeling up close. By means of colour samples, construction examples, the tables themselves and other wood applications you will discover that we only produce the very best quality. We treat our tables with natural oils of the highest quality. Completely free from chemical additives and allergy-causing ingredients.

20 different wood types with FSC certificate

If you love trees, like we do, you’ll likely also love nature and be willing to protect it. Therefore, SPEKVA is a member of both FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and Rainforest Alliance. If you choose one of our FSC-certified products, you can be assured that you are contributing to the conservation of nature. This certification means that for each tree used for the production of your tables, at least one new tree is planted. Moreover, the certification guarantees good working conditions for forestry workers in the country of origin and a fair price for the wood. FSC® – C010329