Schouten International Light & Design

“Our light sources illuminate for 25,000 hours. That is 8 years and 8 months.”

What makes your lighting so unique?

Renée Busman: “Our lamps are all hand made. They are produced in studios in Belgium and England. The light sources in the lamps illuminate for 25,000 hours. That is 8 years and 8 months.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“We were given the opportunity to join the Expo a year ago. We decided to exhibit our products here because a lot of visitors come from the Dutch market.”

What does sustainability mean to you?

“Sustainability means we produce in a durable way and comply with all the rules. For example, usually a lamp is warm or even hot, but our lamps have a so-called cold cathode. All our lamps are lukewarm to cool. They do not emit heat radiation and therefore use a lot less energy.

Why is proper lighting so important?

“Well, the reasons can vary. However, I believe light should mainly be soft. It shouldn’t irritate your eyes, but should form a natural part of any interior. Reading, writing, working, using the computer; proper lighting should suit any activity. And it should never be too noticeable.”

What aspects should customers take into account when choosing their lighting?

“You should first decide whether it suits your interior. These days people often purchase lamps online, even though they don’t know what they will look like in their interior and what kind of light they will emit. It’s much better to see a lamp up close before purchase. Moreover, customers should always look at the lifespan. I always recommend people to ask a shop or lighting architect for the right advice.”