Rupert & Rupert

“You can describe our styles as luxury living, with a feel good factor.”

What is Rupert & Rupert?

Britt van Donselaar-Rupert: “Rupert & Rupert is a family business, with its own label in the higher market segment. We are service-oriented and, thanks to our tailor-made products, we are flexible in finding solutions.”

What style exemplifies the collection?

“You could describe our style as luxury living with a feel good factor.
We offer a complete package, which is created in a sophisticated fashion. We combine comfort with contemporary design. Our collection consists of sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and decorative items. Most of our collection is made in Italy and you can immediately sense that the products are made with love, tradition and craftsmanship in mind. Our collection also has an excellent price structure. Our four themes are Casual, Timeless, Contemporary and Luxury Living.”

What inspires you?

“Our inspiration comes from travel, hotels and international fairs, but also fashion magazines and daily objects around us.”

How do you see the future of interior design?

“Exclusivity and quality will be of number one importance.”

How do you collaborate with stylists and architects?

“We think along with the customer. We are service-oriented, hospitable and clear in our approach.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“ETC Design Center Europe is a beautiful trade fair that exhibits high-quality products. We also believe in collaboration, with our customers, interior design professionals and our colleagues. ETC Design Center Europe is centrally located and it provides an excellent opportunity to combine our strengths. Under guidance of an interior advisor, people be well oriented and inspired.