RL Design

“Furniture is art!”

Why did you choose ETC?
“ETC Design Center Europe is centrally located in the Netherlands. This, therefore, makes it the ideal base for stylists in the Benelux to gain interior inspiration. Especially in the field of exclusive brands that sell a slightly different range than the run-of-the-mill interior design stores. For me, this is the ideal place to work with stylists, architects, and high-end interior design companies.”

Which aspects of your job are the most interesting?
“Sustainability and honesty are two of my core values. This is also reflected in my work. Fortunately, more and more is possible in the field of honest and sustainable materials for the interior.

I prefer to work with companies that propagate these values. For example, I work with a supplier from Indonesia to import a tree trunk table made of Suar wood.
The wood for the dining table is carefully selected and dried, making it of premium quality. For the sake of sustainability, trees are replaced after felling.
What makes my work special is brainstorming with stylists, producers, and the customer.
Together with producers, I ensure that a liquor table, dining table, wall hanging, or sink is designed in such a way that it fits into any exclusive interior.
I turn the ideas that flow from my creative dream world into reality. Therefore, the collections are composed with a unique set of textures, materials, and colors that give every customer a good feeling.”

Can you tell us something about RL design?
“RL design stands for eclectic design furniture. Every piece I design has a story, a strong character, and a function in the interior.
With every design, you can see that different worlds come together. Consider, for example, the colorful and intriguing Marrakesh, on which my new NAIMA collection is based.
My goal with RL design is to lift your interior to a higher and timeless level.”

What does sustainability mean to you?
“To me, sustainability means using honest materials. Designs that are ultimately durable and reusable. I think it is vital that we contribute to a responsible and better world together. Especially the preservation of our beautiful nature is very important to me. Doing good simply feels good. And if I can contribute to that with my design, I am happy to do so.”

Why do you compare furniture to art?
“In general, the objects of RL design have a strong connection with art. Consider the liquor tables, for example.
These stand out well in combination with art on the wall. That is why I often establish a link between furniture and art. They reinforce each other!
But other pieces of furniture from RL design speak for themselves. They all have a powerful character. An example of this is the GRACEFUL dining table or the DIAMOND 007 washbasin.”