Puente – Furniture Fabrics Projects

“Good wine needs no bush”

New furniture brands in the Netherlands
Under the name Puente, Olivier Declemy introduces the collections of Crearte Collection & Ormos Sofas.

Who is Olivier Declemy?
Olivier grew up surrounded by furniture and fabrics. All of his family members work in the interior industry. Now following his own intuition, he developed the unique concept of Puente based on his previous experience.

As an importer and agent of various interior products, Puente is responsible for bringing these
Spanish furniture brands to the Dutch market, and the versatility of the collections is particularly impressive.

The brands and collections Puente works with complement each other seamlessly. A model can be found for different target groups.

All products are made in Spanish workshops.
*Crearte Collection has an extensive range. All products are handcrafted.
You can fully customise the furniture to your own unique taste. That’s really cool! In addition to the choice of existing fabric collections, there is also the possibility of supplying your own fabrics.
So you can have the model executed entirely according to your own wishes. Every creation could be different.
It can be made into your very own work of art, completely personal and unique.
As soon as the order is received, Crearte Collection starts the production of your design.

*Ormos Sofas has a large collection of contemporary furniture.
The furniture is beautifully finished, and the possibilities are endless. Many models can be ordered with a separate cover, but also as a sofa bed.

Interior fabrics
You will find an extensive international collection of fabrics at the stand.

Customisation / projects and individual adjustments
Submit your own fabric (C. O.M), separate cover and sofa bed options are generally available.