Studio Pleunie Buyink

“Sparkling Gems that keep surprising”

Pleunie Buyink has been making her way in the wonderful world of art since graduating in 2014 from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Before that, she completed an education as a fashion designer.
Growing up on the edge of a forest, her love for materials, structures, nature, colors and fashion is always reflected in her work.

Creating new materials and combining different techniques is one of her passions.
During her graduation from the Design Academy she developed a new material, with which she creates works of art, which she calls “Limber Gems”.
Flexible because they consist of different layers including rubber, this ensures that they can be flexible.
With this new material, Pleunie creates interior jewelry, works of art that play with the incoming light, adopt colors from their surroundings and the viewer, through the many layers of color in the works themselves will always give a surprising image.

Pleunie Buyink has galleries that exhibit her work, and she also works for architects and stylists to create specific works of art.