Origin – luxury wallcoverings

“The symbiosis of our creativity and the craft of wallpaper making is the power of Origin.”

How did (name of your company) start?

Origin stands for originality and individuality, for bringing things back to their essence. The Origin – luxury wallcoverings factory was founded in 1948.

We make a large variety of special and luxurious wall covering collections for both private interiors and professional project furnishing. All Origin wall coverings are designed by our designers and made in our boutique factory in the Netherlands.

Where do you get your inspiration?

We get our inspiration from a wide variety of sources. It goes without saying that we look at the standard things, such as fashion and interior fashion and what’s happening at trade fairs, and so on.

However, it’s more important that we look at the world around us. What drives people? What are their needs? How do those needs change? What does that mean for how people want to decorate their living environment, meaning their home interiors or the interior of their business?

What makes your company unique?

Our specialised boutique factory in combination with our studio enables close collaborations between the studio and the factory. We would never be able to succeed as we have if we, like other high-value providers, were dependent on the production capabilities of third parties.

The main benefit of being able to collaborate so closely is that we can develop new designs much faster than other companies, which means we can more quickly respond to trends.

More importantly, however, is that new effects and the use of new materials are developed in an almost natural way as an interplay between the people in the studio and production.

Having your own factory also means that you have full control over the quality of the end product and you can take what you learn from the end user and apply it throughout the whole production line.

How did you end up at ETC Expo?

We’ve noticed that interior architects and designers have been using Origin – luxury wallcoverings’ wallpaper increasingly often. The distinctive design in combination with excellent technical properties such as a good classification for fire resistance, light fastness and washability undoubtedly contributes to this.

The next step is logically to go to the ETC, because you want to be where your customers like to go. ETC is the pre-eminent place in the Netherlands where interior professionals look for new products and materials for their projects.

What aspects of your job do you like the most?

The best part, of course, is to see our products used in a beautiful project, whether in the Netherlands or abroad. That is the ultimate reason why we do what we do. Because that means you have created something to give someone’s interior that extra special touch.