Odesi. Your Dutch Design

“Odesi. Your Dutch Design. ”

Timeless designs from the Netherlands form the Odesi collection. Your Dutch Design. Natural material choices and a sophisticated look set the tone in our philosophy. Furniture that you can enjoy.
We work exclusively with Dutch design talent who share our vision, both known and emerging. View our timeless Dutch designs and discover the signature of the designer. Dive into the unique story behind each piece of furniture and experience the eye for detail and the love for craftsmanship.
You can feel and see that in our products. Honest materials, nourished by fashion influences – but not dependent on trends. Can be used in modern and contemporary interiors. Odesi makes the familiar exciting and gives every design a natural touch.
Enjoying is a core concept in our philosophy, because you want to enjoy every day. A piece of furniture is only perfect if it can decorate your interior for a long time.