NockNock Art

“The Art World is a world of its own”

People see art without knowing who the artist really is. NOCKNOCK Art makes the artist visible.
Not only we tell you how he/she get these creative ideas and make the art, but also we provide you with the story behind the art & the creator. We ‘show’ you the artist but also expand your art world.

We have created a platform where art meets people without having to go to a gallery or museum to see it. A tool to develop your own taste. What do you like? Which art are you attracted to? Who makes your favorite art?

The idea for NOCKNOCK Art was born at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. An artist was asked to present her art and herself through a Zoom meeting for a gallery abroad.
This allowed art lovers to see the artist in his/her own environment. What does he/she really do and how does he/she work?

We started with this idea and came up with our own concept. We bring the art and the maker to the attention and have created a platform/community for the artists and art lovers.
Every week we present a new artist on Instagram and our Website, so stay tuned!