Netty de Groot Home Decoration

“What makes our company unique is our close-knit family feeling.”

Netty de Groot Home Decoration “furniture that makes you happy”

A wholesaler that is really able to distinguish itself by offering a wide range of furniture.
The wholesaler has a collection that perfectly suits almost any interior. Netty de Groot Home Decoration aims to prove that the combination of different styles produces optimum results for clients.

Netty de Groot: “we inspire our customers and show them that more rustic furniture is also very much compatible with the latest trends. The latter are also on offer here, often combined with our classic but highly varied collection of furniture.
Customers experience that our combination of styles gives a ‘soul’ to the interior of their hotels or restaurants.”
The combination of styles is not always immediately evident. Netty: “Customers often opt for a specific style: conservative, classic or trendy. The risk of this is that an interior may end up looking like those presented in brochures. Netty de Groot Home Decoration wants to prove that a combination of different styles works perfectly.”
Customers who visit the company’s showroom are surprised and excited, by both the more traditional collection and the latest trends and cool materials that are part of many modern pieces of furniture.

Because of these combinations, the standard collection looks different every month, which is something Netty de Groot wants to show to her customers.
“When you play around with furniture and styles, your customers are invited to come back regularly. Customers are intrigued by the constant innovation and diversity in the collection. This also allows our range to be regularly updated”, continues Netty de Groot.
It’s virtually impossible to give a single description of the wholesaler’s product range. “Rural chic, trendy, design of more sturdy and robust: we only sell furniture that makes our customers happy.”