“"Unique elegance for exclusive interiors"”

Class without compromise

With the introduction of the exclusive Monde series, of Dutch origin, a collection of customized furniture with unprecedented class is now available. The Monde collection, made in wood and metal, is both solid and elegant. The unique details and high-quality finish of this furniture give any interior a subtle appearance of exceptional individuality.

The base for the design is a framework of solid wood. By creating this in double miter, the illusion of a faceted panel is created. The thickness of the wood is masked, which together with the slim base, legs and handles give the furniture an almost paradoxical appearance of being solid, yet elegant. The Monde collection is a very stylish line of exceptional class, which allows interior designers and advisors to distinguish themselves.

Apart from the size of the basic elements, the furniture of the Monde collection can be entirely custom made. The client can choose between oak and walnut wood and has complete freedom when it comes to choosing the construction and arrangement of the furniture. The customer also has the choice of different unique frames, legs, and handles.

The Monde collection is a Dutch quality-product of international class. The solid wooden parts are executed in French oak or American walnut and treated with a durable finish. The metal legs, frames, and door bars, specially designed for this collection, add to the complete look of the furniture and are produced by specialized manufacturers.

The Monde collection is an innovation of a certain allure that has not been observed for a long time in the world of interior design. The introduction of the Monde furniture is, therefore, a particularly welcome innovation.