Metropole by Baan

“We don't sell sofas or chairs, but create an atmosphere and experience for you to enjoy.”

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Ton and Mirande Baan: “We have our very own design team, consisting our ourselves and Ron Veldhuysen. Each designer designs based on their own vision. Ron mainly focuses on design and atmosphere, Ton on the product-technical aspects and Mirande has a more customer-oriented approach. Our inspiration mostly comes from international furniture fairs, hotels, fashion, art, materials, shapes and museums. We are always on the lookout for new developments and closely follow the latest trends. This results in modern living accessories with a unique look.

How would you describe Metropole’s style?

“Metropole is elegant, lavish and charming. Metropole is Just Luxury. We have our very own international style. It is classy and glamour chique, but with more of a modern twist. At are stand, you can enjoy our newest collections and even a delicious drink in our very own Metropole cafe. At Metropole, anything is possible. Being completely yourself. Metropole has a soul that is very much reflected in its products.” p>

Why did Metropole decide to produce a collection in the Netherlands?

“We are the third generation of the Baan business, which has been around for over 81 years. We are one of the few companies in the Netherlands that has its own production site. The Baan label is represented by over 100 dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium. We now have three inspiring, innovative collections. In addition to the timeless Baan and a designer collection, Metropole is one of these collections. Every collection has its own feel. Moreover, in recent years we have started working as a full service partner for project installations. As a result, we have increasingly specialised ourselves in the furnishing of shops, hotels, restaurants, yachts, cruise ships, offices, sports and recreational centres, and health care institutions. Our main strength lies in the quality of our furniture and supply of tailor-made products. For us it’s completely natural that all our products are produced in the Netherlands. Handmade in Holland”p>

To what extent does craftsmanship play a role in the operation of your business?

“In this (higher) segment, it’s not just about appearance but also quality, comfort, customisation and craftsmanship. These are the main pillars of our company. Because we design our products ourselves, we can produce virtually anything our customers want. We also regularly take our customers on a guided tour of our production area in Waddinxveen. This allows people to directly experience how their furniture is made.” p>

What factors determine the seating comfort of furniture?

“Comfort is paramount. Comfort is always very personal though. Some prefer to sit up straight, whereas other like to slump in their furniture. We actually teach people how to ‘sit’. The seating comfort is determined by the sloping of the furniture, incline of the back rest, the type of stuffing, fabric and overall shape. The shape of the furniture is most important (round or sturdy shape), but the general purpose of the furniture should also be taken into account (lounge sofa for a tv corner or more active seating). All these aspects should be taken into account when designing a new model. We can then decide on the design of the base, the type of stuffing etc. for a particular model. When it comes down to it, we don’t just sell chairs and sofas, but create an atmosphere and experience for you to enjoy.”