Match Trading

“There are two types of fabrics; beautiful and ugly ones. We only sell beautiful ones.”

Match Trading was founded on September 1, 2006 as an agency under the umbrella of Rob Viool.

Match Trading mainly acts as an agency and distributes interior fabrics, wallpaper, accessories and artificial leather for interiors but also for projects such as hotels, the shipping industry and restaurants.

Our inspiration mainly comes from international fairs, where we follow the latest trends closely to determine what colours will become popular.

Match Trading’s uniqueness lies in two aspects. Match Trading has a unique collection of fabrics, wallpaper and accessories, all at very competitive prices. In addition to a good price/quality ratio, service is very important to Match Trading.

In the past, Rob Viool used to have a stand at the ETC Design Center Europe. He is now back again and plans to stay for a very long time.

The most fun part of our work is that we get to work with the most beautiful interior fabrics, wallpaper and home accessories. We will never be bored! We also very much enjoy the close contact we have with our customers.