Maretti Lighting

“Our lighting not only illuminates an interior, but is an essential part of it.”

How did the company start out?

Maretti Lighting: “The company has been around for 20 years now. We started as a project lighting company for hotels and the catering industry. In recent years, we have specialised in lighting for retail and collaborate with the best interior stylists and architects in the Netherlands. Today, the market has become convinced that good lighting is indispensable, so lighting architecture has become of the most important elements in interior design. Since our founding we attach great importance on design and originality. Many people think design is synonymous with expensive or unaffordable. We prove this is not the case.”

Why is proper lighting so important?

“Lighting should create ambience, but must also be functional. It can enrich and environment and reveal its beauty. Each space requires a different lighting plan. The overall atmosphere must be perfect. Simply placing a lamp here or there can in no way compete with a proper lighting plan, the latter lifts your interior to a completely new level. With our complete lighting plans – generally focused on large houses, retailers, hotels and the hospitality industry – we emphasise the style of the designer and resident. This allows us to create the perfect atmosphere in any room. Proper lighting is the foundation of any interior.”

Why does Maretti Lighting choose to keep its production in house?

“We are involved from beginning to end. Our creative design team can translate every wish into a luminaire design and include it in a lighting plan. For some projects we create three-dimensional versions, which our production department can use to assess whether the design is technically feasible. In addition, our factory team has a lot of technical knowledge. They are able to process all materials and create any design. We like to create things that seem impossible to others. We see this as a great challenge. This also allows us to keep our prices low, exactly because the design, production and delivery process are all done in-house.”

What makes the company unique?

“As mentioned before, we create most of our objects ourselves. We have our very own workshop and a building of 10,000m². This is also where our showroom is located. We produce lamps for designers including Piet Boon, Marcel Wolterink, Eric Kuster and Jan des Bouvrie. We are extremely proud of our work!”

What are the advantages of being an exhibitor at ETC Design Center Europe?

“ETC Design Center Europe focuses on the higher segment of the market, which attracts the right audience for us; designers, architects, stylists and retailers that attach great value to professionalism and exclusivity. This is exactly what Maretti Lighting stands for.”