“Are individuality and quality paramount to you? Then Macazz is your ideal partner!”

How was Macazz founded?

Harm Castelijns: “Macazz is a fast growing brand with distinctive ambitions. We design and produce all our products ourselves.”

How would you described Macazz’ style?

“Our pieces of furniture are modern classics. We have a timeless collection of basic couches, which you can give a personal touch through your choice of fabric. Macazz has an enthusiastic team with a refined sense of taste. Our passion for luxurious and stylistic sofas is reflected in our collections. Because we have our own production line, we are extremely flexible and can create tailor-made furniture. If a customer wants a sofa of 3.1m x 4.8m, no problem! If individuality and quality are paramount to you, then Macazz is your ideal partner!”

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“We’re always looking for new additions to our collection. Of course, we visit a lot of fairs. In the end, you design a new armchair on the basis of four or five models. We also love updating our existing designs. And it’s not just about the design, but also the choice of fabric. We’re very good at choosing the right fabric.”

What factors determine the comfort of a sofa?

“Well, that’s the secret behind our brand! We have two types of seat cushions and back cushions. Thanks to thirty years of experience, we’ve been able to continually improve and optimise the seating comfort of our furniture. For example, two years ago we were able to improve our well-known sandwich cushions even further.”

Why is craftsmanship so important?

“Excellent craftsmanship has everything to do with reliability. If architects and customers choose an expensive sofa from a specific manufacturer, you definitely want to guarantee that the product will be delivered as advertised. For us, true craftsmanship is reflected in neat and perfect finishing.”