“Pure, timeless, rugged and weathered. It is our passion to create atmosphere.”

The interior brand Luksa stands for quality and passion. With a background in Retail and the fashion industry, both owners (Froukje and David) establish the Luksa brand in their own style. With our passion for textiles, interior design, materials and years of experience, a stylish authentic collection is created with an eye for quality and innovation.

Our collection is timeless and largely made with traditional techniques. The natural materials and handmade products have inherent beauty and require little addition. Weathered materials have character and appeal.

Luksa combines materials that bring the interior to life. Matte worn-out materials combined with velour and gloss enrich the interior and empower. Passion and craftsmanship are the beating heart of our collection.

The Luksa product range includes: cabinets, dressers, tables, side tables, benches, stools, chairs, rugs, furs, mirrors, lighting, vases and various unique objects.

Our offering changes constantly. There is always something new to discover at Luksa. Be inspired, feel the passion and get to know our unique collection.