Sylvia van Opstall

“Fields of Play”

Loominance Fine Art is a concept developed by Sylvia van Opstall. Large fields covered with meticulously edited elements form a moving graphic and energetic image. These handmade reliefs enter into a subtle dialogue with the changing light in the space, through the idiosyncratic use of sheet metals.

Loominance Fine Art
“In my studio, I design based on varying themes, hundreds of small elements that I then edit with a wide variety of craft knowledge. These unique elements are carefully combined together to create a spontaneous energy field on large or small panels. A combination of sheet metals, paper, paint, and yarn creates a complex layering that invites long-term exploratory viewing. I find inspiration in the cultural history of, for example, Asia and Italy, so that the viewer unconsciously experiences a ‘cultural echo’.
Loominance Fine Art is the product of my love for the quiet and slow process in this busy world. Combined with the adventure in which I develop new production methods, an idiosyncratic signature has emerged: Loominance-Fine Art.”

Loominance Wearables
Loominance Wearables is a jewelry line that naturally emerged from the monumental work Loominance Fine Art. For the jewelry line, Sylvia has further developed the typical Loominance elements as a “loner” into Loominance Wearables. The design language is clear and graphic, while the combination of materials seems to carry a timeless mystery, captured in the golden glow of honey.

Art on commission
Your specific wishes can be discussed in detail so that they can be included in the creation process of the artwork for your project. Be welcome in Art Lane of the ETC or in the artist’s studio (near the ETC) for an introduction or consultation.

For information or an appointment:
mobile: +31 6 428 412 42