Limited Edition

“We are proud to create the perfect carpet that suits you”

Limited Edition has been working for 30 years to create the most beautiful carpets and floor coverings with the most diverse textures. They design and produce in Belgium with top-quality materials.

Limited Edition carpets attract attention at a glance. And can you feel the love for natural materials, colors, and textures that lie behind it. Pure craftsmanship and intensive manual work, but also idiosyncratic design. Discover a surprising piece of Belgium.
The carpets are 100% designed and produced in Belgium. Their home base Moeskroen is not for nothing embedded in a region with a rich textile tradition. The result is handmade carpets that – thanks to fast delivery times – give your interior extra character in no time.

Limited Edition offers countless carpets in many colors and patterns. The collection, therefore, offers you a wide choice. Moreover, it is possible to have a carpet custom made to measure. The carpet is completely inspired by your ideas and we work together to create your ideal carpet.

The first step is mood boarding
First of all, there will be solid communication between you and Limited Edition. The designers will draw inspiration from your ideas and present the best choices to you. During this process, you will answer several questions. For example, what are the desired dimensions? What room is the carpet made for? A carpet must perfectly match the atmosphere of a room to make the room complete. It is also important which materials you prefer. When these questions are answered, the designers will put together a mood board for your carpet.

Next: designing
Using your ideas, the designers create an image of your carpet. Due to Limited Edition’s technology, this image will be incredibly realistic. In addition, this technology guarantees the exact colors. Also, Limited Edition has an extensive range of yarns and it is possible to develop a new color tone in our own dyeing facility. You will receive a digital design that you can use to explore the carpet. This allows you to take a closer look at the details of your carpet. Assess whether the dimensions, shape, materials, and colors are to your liking. If this is not the case, you can of course indicate this to Limited Edition and your points for improvement will be implemented.

Almost done, now only the sampling check is left
When you are satisfied with the design, the final carpet is not yet produced immediately. A sample will be produced first which will be sent to you by Limited Edition. This way you can do a final inspection. And you can check whether you are truly satisfied with the colors and the material. After your final approval, the actual production will start. At last, you can enjoy your unique carpet.