“Purity, beauty and wisdom in photography”

Leoniek is a passionate photographer with a love for interior and people. Her work is printed on leather in various formats. This provides a luxurious look and gives depth and vibrancy to the photo, making it feel even more alive.

Photography originated from her great passion for travel. To her, getting to experience other cultures is an impressive journey to fleeting encounters.
In her profession as an interior stylist, she mainly works with static photography. In order to gain inspiration for color, texture, and shape, she captures a lot of images during her travels.

Over time, portrait photography has become a great passion. A spontaneous girl who jumps in front of the lens, an old man who beckons for a meeting, or someone who takes her to something in his or her life. One purely innocent, the other self-assured in life experience. In their eyes a moment of emotion towards the photographer. This is how the most beautiful stories come to the fore, both intensely short and inspiringly long. She does not see herself as someone who takes pictures, but more as someone who loves people and likes to record contact with people.
It is Leoniek’s wish that her work intrigues people. Having words like purity, beauty, and wisdom, in whatever form, emerge when looking at her photos.