“With a powerful minimalist design, we add the right details, which ensure a soft balance”

L’Authentique was founded in 2006 and has since grown into a family business. The high-quality range of L’Authentique consists of furniture, mineral paints, our own collection of linen fabrics and lighting. Because the collection is produced in-house in the Netherlands, we are able to deliver customized projects for homes, shops, the fashion industry, hotels, restaurants and offices with short delivery times.

Inspiration is really just a constant train of thought, according to Sylvia Schouten of L’Authentique. “I find my inspiration in beautiful conversations, architecture, details in nature, reading magazines and on foreign trips. I take photos or notes, tear something out, or make a quick sketch. Then the brainstorming, drawing and elaboration of all the ideas begins. Then we translate everything into our own signature. This is how we ultimately arrive at our distinctive colours, designs and models.”

It is very nice to work together with our customers. “This is the situation, can you help?” It is then wonderful to design something to measure and to look for the right colors, fabrics and details. A rewarding, fun and creative process!

In addition to our showroom at ETC Design Center, we also have a showroom with accompanying Design Studio in Echt (Limburg). Here we mainly receive our B2B customers from the south of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but of course our customers from all over the Netherlands are welcome here.