“Our passion is enriching every interior with our beautiful fabrics”

How was Kobe founded?

Kobe was founded in 1976 from the dream and big ambitions of a Brabant entrepreneur. It all started with a velour fabric of 122 colours, which is still an important part of Kobe’s range up to this day. The product is called SCALA and is now available in 200 colours. After its foundation, Kobe went through major growths and was soon creating complete collections and becoming an international force. The company started as a family business in a rented property in Valkenswaard. We have now moved three times and since November 1989 have been situated in our current building. Over the years we have grown into a company of over 120 employees and with offices and showrooms in 5 different countries. Moreover, we have sales channels in more than 60 countries

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We have our very own R&D department. Creative passion is the driving force behind the Kobe Design Team’s design process. Our trendwatcher is on the look-out for the latest global trends related to fashion, interior design, colour, lifestyle and socio-cultural aspects. We also look at the needs of customers. Our products are made with different markets in mind and technical developments are included to improve their user value. With this inspiration, all products are produced with the famous Kobe signature.

What makes your company unique?

Kobe’s reputation is based on the creative passion through which we create unique interior objects. We not only continue to develop ourselves to create better products, but we also have the continuous ambition of improving our relationships with customers.
Another example of what makes us unique is our logistics process. Kobe products are distributed across the entire globe with ultimate logistics efficiency and reliability. Kobe has a fully automated warehouse for logistical processes ranging from general treatment, cutting, packaging, sorting and shipping.

How did you end up at ETC Design Center Europe?

We have been familiar with ETC for years and have had temporary showrooms here before.

What aspects of your work do you enjoy the most?

Kobe is a unique company to work for. It is a multinational with the heart of a family business – That’s what makes working here so much fun. Every day we carry out our strategies in a unique informal atmosphere in which anyone may share his/her opinion. There is a true familial atmosphere among colleagues. The drive of our owner is also reflected in every employee. We work with utmost passion! Kobe is a company where people learn and grow together though internal and external workshops and training courses.