Kippers Agencies

“Our contemporary products take you back to times gone by.”

What does your product range consist of?

Henry Kippers: “With L’Authentique we want to present a complete picture. Our extensive range consists of furniture, matching (lime) paints, fabrics and carpets. We produce our entire collection in-house. Quality is paramount. We provide only tailor-made products made by hand in the Netherlands.”

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Sylvia Schouten: “Inspiration is basically a constant mindset. I often get inspired on foreign trips and read a lot of magazines and websites. We also stumble upon new ideas when visiting international fairs. We try to remember everything we see. Afterwards, we start brainstorming, drawing and elaborating on ideas. We then give everything our own signature. In this way, we eventually end up with new designs and models.”

How much time do you require to produce a product?

Henry Kippers: “We can work very quickly. If you know exactly what you want to create, you can easily develop a new product within a week or two.”

What aspect of your work do you like the most?

Sylvia Schouten: “I love working with our customers. We regularly have visitors who say: “I’m looking for something, can you help me?” With great enthusiasm I’ll dive into our fabric collection and look for matching paint. That’s such a grateful, fun and creative process!”

What does the future of the interior design profession look like?

Henry Kippers: “We look at the future with great confidence. We’re a young, emerging brand. It’s unbelievable what we’ve achieved in the last year! We’ve managed to present a unique brand in a very short period of time.”