Inside Blinds

“Inside – Your Windows Dress Code”

People who want more from their interior choose Inside. We produce high-quality room decorations from Belgian soil, ranging from folding and lined curtains to wooden blinds and our latest acquisition, Squid. As a worldwide couturier of windows decorations, we give style to your curtains and contribute to a more beautiful lifestyle. All form Belgium: from the weaving of the fabrics to the production, happens in our own studio.

As a market leader in folding curtains, Inside introduces a patented system that is both easy in use and maintenance. We supply high-quality folding curtains in extreme sizes, even for windows of 4.2m wide and 5.90m high. We provide a wide range of colours, fabrics and even personalised and printed fabrics with our own CasaMia collection that can be used for folding or lined curtains. Thanks to a number of innovations, our lined curtains stand out in terms of use and maintenance-friendliness. With our Japanese panel curtains, you can create a sleek, contemporary interior. Moreover, they suit any width imaginable due to the possibility of combining multiple panels. With our collection of wooden blinds we capitalise on the growing trend of natural materials. Wooden blinds give each room a unique atmosphere and allow you to experiment with sunlight and shade. Finally, we also have our latest innovation in window decoration: SQUID. Squid is the number on solution in window decoration in the form of a transparent self-adhesive textile film that prevents people from peeking inside, allows for plenty of sunlight and does not block your view of the outside.

Whatever you’re looking for, Inside will be able to serve you with luxurious fabrics, easy-to-use products and the latest trends, all adding great value to your interior. After all, windows with good taste have only one dress code; that of Inside.