“Many people go for the safe option, but adding colour to your interior makes it exciting.”

What did the early days of Indivipro look like?

Nick Otten: “We started with Nature Deco. We imported this brand to the Netherlands. We now also have our own studio and have fabrics produced for our own fabric line. In terms of window decorations, we have an extremely wide range.”

What makes Indivipro unique?

“Our service. Service is paramount to us. If people want to work with our products, we can assist them from beginning to end. We even have our own people who can take care of the assembly. In addition, we have our own project supervisor who coordinates supervision of the projects. So anything you need in terms of window decoration, Indivipro can arrange it for you.”

Why did Indivipro decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“We’re from Enschede, but our customers are mainly situated in the Randstad. Here in Culemborg we are more centrally located. We notice a lot of our customers have already visited the fair previously. Moreover, it also gives us an excellent opportunity to establish new relationships.”

What role does ETC Design Center Europe play in the interior design world?

“In my opinion, a shift has occurred in recent years. Architects and other interior professionals can no longer invest as much in their own showrooms, so they and their customers regularly visit ETC Design Center Europe. ETC Design Center Europe is the perfect place for them.”

How do you collaborate with customers, architects and stylists?

“It can always be different. It all depends on what they’re looking for. People also come here to see our products up close. They’ve often already seen small samples, but can’t really visualise the complete product. That is why they come here. At the same time, we also see new customers here, who can then immediately experience the quality and possibilities of our products.”

Do you have any tips for choosing window decorations?

“Where people often go wrong is that they start with renovations (such as a kitchen, for example), and then afterwards realise they need to do something with the window(s). That’s unfortunate, because windows are a determining factor in any room. It’s better to do research in advance.”