Imperial Collection

“Handcrafted in the Netherlands - Dutch quality product”

How did Imperial Collection start?
Imperial Collection was founded in the early 90s in Wezep by its former owner. After highly successful years, the original location was outgrown, and the company was relocated to a larger newly-constructed building, again in Wezep. Imperial Collection kept growing and already had a big stand in the ETC Design Center during the early years. The years 2013-2017 were not easy for Imperial Collection, which resulted in a company takeover in the summer of 2017 by Imko Molenbuur. After restructuring, which included the production change to Veendam and a smaller showroom in the ETC Design Center, Imperial Collection is entirely up and running to satisfaction again.

What distinguishes Imperial Collection?
We make a high-quality product which is produced entirely in the Netherlands. The same frame factory makes our solid beech frames since its establishment in the 90s. All the foam for our sofas and armchairs is supplied by one of the best foam suppliers in the Netherlands. Add to this the craftsmanship of our upholsterers in Veendam, and you will see the result in our showroom in the ETC Design Center. A guarantee for quality! We can arrange special customization. You invent and sell it, and we will make it for you.

Where do you get the inspiration?
I get inspiration in several ways. Every year, I visit trade fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. And I try to visit some of our English, Italian and Belgian fabric suppliers from time to time. Together with the beautiful presentations by the colleagues at the ETC Design Center Europe and reading the necessary professional literature, this provides the necessary creative inspiration.

Does Imperial Collection follow the trends?
We are certainly not a trendsetter. We are neither hip nor cool, but we do make a nice product. Various models have been in our collection since the early days. This reflects the timelessness of our models. And if we make a new model, it is often inspired by something existing.How do you collaborate with stylists and architects?ETC is the ideal place for retailers, architects, and stylists. Everyone is welcome. Where else in the Netherlands can you find so many beautiful things concentrated in one location? And all that with a high standard of quality. It is like a candy store for the interior professional; plenty of inspiration and even the possibility of doing business.

What does the future of the interior trade look like?
The function of the ETC Design Center will become increasingly important. The number of stores is decreasing. In contrast, we are seeing growth in the number of creative studios and stylists. They know how to optimally capitalize on the strength of the ETC Design Center. This will only grow over time. Products such as the ones we sell here are less suitable for online sales and simply require expert advice. Fortunately, this is what our colleagues at the ETC Design Center can offer. Consumers do, of course, fully orient themselves on the internet. Make sure that you as a company have a sufficient online presence.