Grace Spiegel

“Enchanting oriental faces and still lifes”

Grace Spiegel translates the admiration for painting from the 17th century into the present. Her work is partly inspired by her youth in which art and antiques from Asia played an important role. As a result, she developed a special painting style.

Grace paints with oil paint on the basis of only natural raw materials and six basic colors: white, black, ochre, brown, blue, and red. In May 2019, she traveled to Venice, where she had more high-quality pigments mixed especially for her. This combination gives rise to refined tones that Grace uses to create magic on the canvas.

Grace’s distinct style revolves around expression, beauty, and her unique use of color. Inspired by warm childhood memories and a collection of Asian objects, intimate and dreamy portraits of Asian girls and sometimes still lifes are created. The painting of these nonexistent oriental faces continues to inspire Grace. “It comes from my soul.”