Global Green

“Your Premium Sustainable Materials Hub”

Nowadays we are struggling to live in an overcrowded planet. Problems like pollution, toxic waste, global warming are increasing on such a frightening speed, that many specialists believe we might no longer reverse them if we don’t act now.
Our planet urges for initiatives that help us change this reality. Initiatives focused on the development of a circular economy, with social and environmental positive impact. Initiatives that help to build a GLOBAL CULTURE SHIFT.

Global Green is born out of the initiative to make the world a better place for each one of us. More than a sustainability company, we want to be a zero-waste company and we want to encourage and implement partnerships that help us to make a difference.
Our wide range of materials come from responsible and sustainable producers that care about us and the environment.

Nova Kaeru : innovation, quality and sustainability
Nova Kaeru works with global, ethical, sustainable and innovative products, believing in the balance between nature and people, enabling the true relationship of conscious consumption.
Through its revolutionary “Low Input Vast Effect” (LIVE ™) process – non-polluting and without the use of heavy metals – Nova Kaeru transforms biological materials into long-lasting luxury products that have the unique touch and beauty that only a material of biological origin can acquire.
Recognized as a pioneering company in the field of organic tanning, Nova Kaeru cleverly combines the production of plant and fish (pirarucu) biofabrics, with total respect for the environment, from the raw material up to the final product.
In 2019, Nova Kaeru launched the beLEAF ™ technology from the tanning of the elephant ear plant, creating a vegan biotype with characteristics similar to leather. The product received, in that same year, the APFL Award in the category “Best Natural Material”.

Ecosimple : turning textile waste into new premium recycled fabrics
EcoSimple is a pioneer company in the production of sustainable fabrics in Brazil.
The constant search for new technologies and materials that minimize environmental impact is part of the DNA of the company.
The manufacturing plant uses on its creations technologically recycled and sustainable materials, such as cotton sourced from repurposed fibers from post-industrial waste, organic and BCI, jute, linen, silk, EcoVero viscose, recycled polyester fibers from PET bottles , recycled polypropylene and biodegradable polyamide.

Torcetex : quality, strength and beauty
Working for 60 years in Brazilian market, Torcetex brings wires and fabric straw for the whole national market. The tradition and quality meets the enchantment and satisfaction of our partners.
​Thinking about the specific needs of each market area, Torcetex has expanded its range of product lines to meet all needs. There are more than 12 lines aimed at the most varied markets such as: furniture, decoration, pergolas, fashion, accessories, fans, etc.
Only between patterns and colors, there are more than 900 models of straw, and if we consider the possibilities of applications – dyeing and aging, the variations are almost infinite. Your creativity dictates the limits. In addition to existing models, Torcetex is open to developing unique models, meeting your need and adding value to your product.​

CirclWood :
The table is the foundation of every conversation. It’s where people come together, share their experiences, make plans for the future, and enjoy each other’s company. A table should be practical but also beautiful.

CirclWood goes one step further by creating its collection from old oak buildings that have been vacant for years and have no prospect. The buildings are completely dismantled, and the oak wood is reused as a new raw material.

CirclWood is 100% reclaimed oak wood as a new product. The use of reclaimed oak wood can help alleviate the pressure on new oak wood resources, thereby further protecting the world’s forests. CirclWood stands for fresh and pure designs with a clear sustainable, and circular story. CirclWood treats its collection with Rubio monocoat, the partner in wood protection.

CircleFoam :
How can we change the world together? At CircleFoam, we know that you strive to be the best in your industry. And that means every component of your product – right down to the foam you use – must be of the highest quality, suitable for easy processing in your factory with minimal environmental impact.

CircleFoam is made from collected old mattresses with 100% traceability. The collection is done in collaboration with Matras Recycling Europe. For the furniture industry and upholsterers, product quality and comfort are of the utmost importance. It’s essential that you choose the best component materials that withstand the test of durability and performance. With durable elasticity and the ability to be produced in different densities, furniture foam is a superior filling material for the furniture and upholstery industry. Based on your unique requirements, we manufacture foam in specific densities, hardnesses, dimensions, and shapes for your application, including blocks, sheets, strips or profiles. The sustainable quality, comfort, and elasticity, along with the added value of recyclability, give your product a competitive advantage and a better positive perception among your end customer.

Key benefits :
All our CircleFoam products are customised for each customer’s application. Unlike mass-produced ready-made products, we design our products specifically for you. Whether you desire more comfort, firmness or flexibility, we have the foam solutions that will make your products stand out in the market.

• Durable elasticity
• High tear resistance and shock absorption
• Easy processing
• Different densities to meet the desired comfort level
• Strong dimensional stability
• Suitable for intensive use
• Made from 100% recycled material

Take the lead in your industry with innovative products that are as good for your business as they are for the planet.