Frezoli Lighting

“We still produce all of our lighting in our own studio.”

How was the company founded?

Michel Gelissen: “Frezoli Lighting is a family business from the Netherlands with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Started in 1990 as TierlanTijn Lighting and started small-scale productions of own designed lighting. We are now a company with international customers and all collections are still designed and produced entirely in-house. Our inspiring collection consists of more than 250 indoor and outdoor lamps, each with its own character. Exclusive, handmade and special. Frezoli lamps provide atmosphere and appearance in business and private interiors and are sold worldwide. ””

The lamp as an eye-catcher

“Our designs are expertly crafted by hand and are also real eye-catchers. Contemporary, original and all high-quality eye-catchers that add atmosphere to an interior. Each lamp is extensively tested during production.”

Custom Made

“We design and develop “custom made design” for projects. We make an inventory of the specific wishes and together with the customer we look for the perfect lighting. In this way we create an exclusive own atmosphere with special designs.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“We immediately realised that our models would be successful if people could experience them up close. As a result, we decided to present both collections at ETC Design Center Europe. Up until this day, we spend a lot of energy building our stands, all in order to make them the perfect calling card for Frezoli Lighting.”