Elements of Interior

“By combining the right elements, you can create a personal interior. Special fabrics and wallpapers are our main elements. Let us inspire you”

Elements of Interior is an importer and agent of collections of interior materials, wallpaper and seating elements. With a mix of unique elements, we are able to create an atmosphere of international allure. Our customers are professional in the interior design sector in the higher segment. Additionally, we also offer a service where we act as a sparring partner.

The manufacturers we work with are all very unique. These are mainly family businesses, founded on a proper dose of creativity and a sense for the right materials. With enormous passion, they continue to create unique collections. Year after year, the presentations of our collections are true parties!

It remains a real challenge to present the right material and/or wallpaper to professionals and impress them so that they can give the ‘perfect touch’ to their projects. We are always enthusiastic, passionate and excited to receive you in one of our showrooms and present our collections.