“'Unburdening' is the magic word at the Designlinq Platform so that interior professionals can concentrate on two things: creating beautiful interiors and recruiting new clients. ”

Designlinq is the largest online Platform for interior professionals in the Netherlands where any architect, designer or stylist can join.
The free (no obligations) membership gives access to more than 150 high-end brands in design furniture, design lighting, acoustic products, carpets and accessories, all of which can be purchased at a fair trade margin.
In addition, membership provides access to events/training in many areas (lighting, acoustics, marketing & sales, Pinterest, fabrics and more), company visits and an annual trip abroad.

Designlinq has a lot of in-house knowledge with which it supports its affiliated interior professionals daily.Consolidated delivery (one-stop shopping: so everything is delivered together) is part of the service package, as are assembly service and installation.
A collection from all these product categories is displayed in the Designlinq Design House at the ETC and changes at least twice a year, ensuring there is always something new to discover.
Also present is a large steel wall where interior design professionals can materialise their projects to their own liking.

Also present is a large Apple with SketchUp, connected to a large screen in a private room if desired, so that it can be logged in and all designs can be shown to the final client.