Lichtstudio De Vaan

“What makes our company unique is that all products are custom-made”

We advise, support and provide knowledge in the field of LED lighting, lighting fixtures and their control!

With the design brands that we represent, we stick to our principle; “Delivering high-quality, European quality with unparalleled service!” When purchasing LED lighting, a number of questions immediately arise to ensure that the correct lighting is actually used. As a certified Lighting Plan Designer we are able to implement the right applications! This is possible from one fixture to very complex lighting solutions in villas, offices, retail, restaurants, hotels, etc. European origin, a balanced quality/price ratio, top service and sustainability are our starting points.

Getting lighting advice is now a “must do”! The advent of LED technology has taken lighting to a higher level and more complexity. This creates the need to seek external advice on the use of the correct luminaires and light sources. And that’s exactly what we do! One of our pillars consists of providing customization. This gives us the opportunity to meet almost every interior wish. In addition, we work together with the specialized “Light and Light Plan Advice”.

Our permanent design collection consists of the brands “Stéphane Davidts (Belgium), Renzo Serafini (Italy), Grok (Spain), Leds C4 (Spain) and Bel-Lighting (Belgium). The Dutch brand In-Lite provides advanced custom solutions for garden lighting. We work closely with Redo and Nowodvorski in the field of modular lighting applications. In addition, with Astro we have a specific bathroom lighting supplier!Each company in our portfolio offers a unique range of indoor and outdoor lighting, professional recessed fixtures and even underwater lighting, which makes it possible to offer a varied, high-quality collection.
As of the beginning of 2022 we are importer of Ledco Italia for Belgium and the Netherlands.
They produce custom professional LED Strips for a very extensive range of possibilities, including underwater for swimming pools and fountains.
In addition, they supply all additional necessities such as profiles, opal diffusers and controls, of course also tailor-made.
Ledco also produces 48V profile systems that can be installed flush-mounted, surface-mounted or floating.

As a supplier to the professional market, our products find their way to architectural offices, designers, stylists and shops. We also supply retail (for example, specific lighting for fresh produce shops), gardening companies, technical installation offices, hotels and restaurants.