De Vaan Accessories

“What makes our company unique is that all products are custom-made”

De Vaan Accessories was founded in 1995 and supplies retail traders. Ever since, Marian ‘Daan’ de Vaan has built a reputation with an assortment of high-quality products and an unrivalled service.

European quality, top-notch service and sustainability are paramount to Marian ‘Daan’ de Vaan. The entire collection is produced by hand, by the best craftsmen in Western Europe. The collection consists of self-produced lampshades, luxury custom design leather accessories, and handmade tables, chairs and benches.

Today, the collection has been expanded with products from Robers Leuchten from Germany and Bel-Lighting from Belgium. Every company in our portfolio offers a unique range of indoor and outdoor lighting, professional luminaries, underwater lighting and street lighting. This allows us to offer our business relations a varied, high-quality collection.

What makes our company unique is that all products are custom-made. As a result, we are always able to fulfil the needs of our customers. We never make concessions when it comes to quality. We can offer unique, high-quality products that suit any interior. From classic to modern and from rustic to outspoken! Our many years of experience guarantees you the highest quality.

As a supplier for retail, our products find their way to architectural agencies, designers, stylists and stores. We also supply horticulture companies, technical installation agencies, hotels and restaurants.