De Munk Carpets BV

“A carpet is the mood maker and connecting factor in every interior”

How did De Munk Carpets originate?

Edwin Tromp, owner of De Munk Carpets: “When I started working for De Munk Carpets in 1989, within 2 years I was offered the opportunity to travel to our various production companies to do the purchasing. As a result, I learned everything there was to know about the different carpets. It’s great to be given the opportunity to experience an entire production process from beginning to end. The culture in those countries, the warmth and life there, give you a lot of admiration for the way these carpets are made. Everything is hand-knotted or woven. Witnessing that process ignited my great passion for carpets. Eventually, my wife and I took over De Munk Carpets in 2001.”

What characterises your company?

“We work very carefully and have a wide collection, allowing us to produce many custom-made models.”

What factors should a customer take into account when choosing a new carpet?

“It is important to determine how the carpet will be used. What materials does one prefer, what look should the carpet have? A beautiful carpet creates the right atmosphere and enriches any space. Always take a good look at the quality of the materials used.”

How do you determine the ideal size of a carpet?

“A rug must be large! If you have a large space with a small carpet, the proportions will be off. One can create a spacious sitting area by allowing the carpet to run underneath your sofas and chairs.”

Can a customer view what his/her design will look like in advance?

“In our design studio, we can combine concepts, materials and colours on a computer. The model can then be digitally placed in an interior photograph, making it immediately clear to the customer where the design fits his/her home and interior.”

Why did you decide to exhibit at ETC Design Center Europe?

“Here we are guaranteed a high level of exhibitors and visitors. ETC Design Center Europe is a true assembly of designers and brands that all work at the highest level.”

What trends are you recognising these days?

“We’re noticing more and more customers want something truly special. Preferably something that is made just for them. Suppliers that offer custom-made items are the future in our eyes.”