DAZZLING by van buuren

“Customisation and flexibility are paramount to us”

Why did you choose a profession related to interior design?

Janneke van Buuren: “Meta comes from a confectionery family and I from the representative branch in various sectors. Both of us ended up in this profession after we started working for Van Buuren Furniture. This turned out to be a lot of fun! At the start of 2013, we took over and launched DAZZLING by van buuren.”

What inspires you?

Janneke van Buuren: “Some models have been part of the collection for 30 years. However, they have always been adapted to the spirit of the time. A bit wider, rounder, tighter. All arisen from interaction with our expert customers. We also visit a lot of fairs and magazines such as Stijlvol Wonen (‘Stylish Living’) are greatly inspiring. And last but not least, the colours we see around us, for example in nature or while travelling.”

Do you follow the latest trends?

Meta Oorbeek: “Of course, we are also sensitive to trends. The colours and fabrics around you change all the time. Tight models or, alternatively, a romantic atmosphere. In actuality, this all occurs instinctively; trends become popular and we pick up on them. On the other hand however, we have learned that we should always follow our own path to be happy in our showroom and with the collection. We both love calmness, combined with colours. Beautiful rich fabrics, wonderful!”

How does DAZZLING by van buuren operate?

Our experienced product companies offering, for example, sturdy trunks and comfortable pillows are located in different parts of the Netherlands. Each discipline in the right place, eventually bringing all our items together to then be supplied to the end user through one of our interior specialists.

Why ETC Design Center Europe?

Janneke van Buuren: “Our showroom is a natural part of ETC Design Center Europe because the style completely suits us. The level of knowledge and comfort in the area of everything related to interior is very high here. Here you will find the complete package and we will gladly take part in that.”

What does the future of the profession look like?

Meta Oorbeek: “Consumers do a lot of research online. They know a lot, but our advice is, luckily, still highly appreciated. We offer online sales, of course, but many people actually want to know what our fabrics feel like and we therefore continue to attract many new customers! We enjoy collaborating with many excellent interior specialists throughout the country, who are very much happy to play their part.”