“Personal designs with a story”

CraftZZ is a wholesaler of handmade home accessories, almost all of them designed by designers. They stand for colorful, original, and only work with natural materials such as porcelain, ceramics, glass, wood, and metal. All the while paying attention to the working conditions of the manufacturing process. CraftZZ stands for craftsmanship. For small manufacturers and enthusiastic craftsmen who make decorative and exclusive accessories by hand in a traditional way.

Ellen Verduin, the owner of CraftZZ, designs herself and works together with various Dutch designers and craftsmen worldwide. “CraftZZ stands for personal designs with a story, which I would like to tell you,” says Ellen. Through years of experience in the industry; first as owner and founder of Gutzz (9 years) and now, from 2014 to the present as the owner of CraftZZ, Ellen has a lot of knowledge of the market. Her motto is: follow the trends but always give it your own twist; then you’re always good. Design is mainly done using your own feelings in combination with listening carefully to what is going on in the market. She gets her inspiration from her distant travels; getting to know other cultures and using influences from those countries.